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Fritz Turner, 23, returned to his hometown of Newport, Washington, to find the town’s Christmas tree “embarrassing.” The bit of trim included a series of vertical light strings that hung from the top of the tree to the sides, The News Tribune reported. “It’s not going to do,” he said. So he set up a GoFundMe page on December 2, hoping to raise $ 5,000 for better lights and more decorations. “We can do better. Even Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree was prettier than that sad spruce tree, ”he wrote. The page raised over $ 2,700 for the lights, and the local utility company hung them on the tree. And middle and high school kids donated handmade ornaments for it. For the first time in many years, the chamber of commerce hosted a tree lighting ceremony on December 11. Turner said he was “inspired” by the support. “Together we are really powerful.”


On December 6, Laura Oglesby, 48, pleaded guilty to one count of intentionally providing false information to the Social Security Administration, The New York Times reported. His story is much more complicated than this single accusation. In 2016, Oglesby used the identity of her estranged daughter to create another life for herself as Lauren Hays, a 22-year-old student in Mountain View, Missouri. She got a Social Security card and a driver’s license, then got over $ 25,000 in debt with student loans and other expenses. She also worked at Southwest Baptist University and rented a room from Wendy and Avery Parker. “Everyone believed in it,” said Mountain View Police Chief Jamie Perkins. “She even had boyfriends who thought she was that age: 22.” Oglesby faces up to five years in prison and will have to compensate his daughter and SBU.

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Fortunately, a sign on Interstate 95 in Delaware directing drivers to a Wilmington exit was only temporary, but that didn’t stop commuters from noticing it. The Associated Press reported that the avenue name (“Delware”) was missing an “A”; transport officials said this was done in a hurry in case the permanent sign didn’t arrive in time for the exit opening, which was under construction. There’s always time to correct your spelling, kids.

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These large inflatable Christmas decorations can fill children’s hearts with holiday cheer, but a young Ursid saw a training partner and attacked in Monrovia, Calif. On December 8. Donna Hargett captured video of a teddy bear wrestling with her. The neighbor’s inflatable reindeer watched as the mom bear watched, United Press International reported. “I looked up and it was there, hopping on the reindeer,” Hargett said. “We see these two all the time. These are problems, ”she said. In fact, Hargett said they had broken into her house before and left paw prints on the bed. No word on Rudolph’s condition.

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