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A world famous legacy brand renowned for its iconic design and quality; Smallbone is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury kitchens and custom furniture. With these accreditations, the British brand is the privileged partner of many of the world’s most distinguished real estate developers, interior designers and architects.

Since 2005, Smallbone has been creating unique furniture for the prestigious and important buildings of the iconic New York skyline, using our vast experience to bring inspiration, creativity, skill and commitment to every project – from concept to completion. We draw on our vast expertise to understand and meet the ambitious needs of high net worth individuals in their luxury private homes to create unparalleled bespoke furniture solutions for development projects; whether it is a boutique program or a large scale multi-unit enterprise.

Smallbone works closely with its clients to fully understand their needs and wants. This truly collaborative approach ensures that carefully thought-out bespoke designs are crafted for each unique project. Developers know that working with Smallbone is a quality mark that savvy potential buyers will instantly recognize, reinforcing the care and attention to detail they put into creating their projects.

A pioneer of design with craftsmanship at heart, Smallbone has been crafting meticulously handcrafted furniture for over 40 years. Today, we continue to innovate; create unique designs to exacting standards from our workshop in the UK’s Wiltshire countryside – combining traditional craftsmanship skills with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. The latest robotic woodworking machines work alongside age-old craftsmanship to produce furniture for the most prestigious addresses around the world; designed for every conceivable space in the home – from kitchens to bathrooms, wine cellars to storage rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and libraries.

111, 57th Street West

Known as both ‘111 West 57th Street’ and ‘The Steinway Tower’, this remarkable building defies all previous standards set for Supertalls, thanks to its 1:24 aspect ratio. Its pioneering design and engineering was so remarkable that a PBS documentary was made to record the challenges and successes in its creation.

Standing at 1,442 feet, the stunning design of SHOP Architects is a significant yet elegant addition to the beautifully feathered New York City skyline with 46 single-storey and duplex residences. At its base, the building emerges from the historic 16-story neoclassical Steinway Hall, which has now been laid out with 14 stunning newly-imagined apartments inside.

SMALLBONE has partnered and worked tirelessly with Sofield Studio to develop and inform the style, design language and materials of the magnificent kitchens for both structural elements.

Every aspect has been meticulously handcrafted and detailed to respect and do justice to the masterful conversion and classic, modern wonder above. Custom stained gray base cabinets anchor each kitchen, blending in comfortably with the exquisite herringbone floor, just as Steinway Hall anchors the tower.

The wall units celebrate the graceful bronze and terracotta details seen on the contours where 111 touches the sky. Working with experts from the automotive and aerospace industries, these cabinets were custom designed to achieve a durable shape and shape, which is not easily achieved from natural woods and veneers.

The graceful concave curves with the convex metal chandeliers, hand finished in a Venetian plaster effect, provide a rich luster with a textural movement, constantly changing in appearance as natural light passes through the full height windows and daylight breaks. turns into night.

In some apartments, combining stained wood, metallic elements and the scalloped pattern, a truly glamorous hanging display element was designed and delivered to sit majestically above the islands with gold quartz countertops.

Pushing the boundaries yet again, Smallbone glass artisans have teamed up with their counterparts on the metallurgy team to create curved glass doors, mounted on concealed and custom pivoting hinges, that open and close with the lightest touch.

One well-respected commentator described the kitchens finished in their gray wood and plaster finishes as having the appearance of well-worn piano keys, in homage to Steinway & Sons on whose foundations they rest. At Smallbone, we are flattered by this analogy and that we have partnered to achieve such an appropriate synergy.


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