Racine Habitat for the annual Women Build of Humanity begins | Local News


“(There are) a lot of beautiful, hard -working people here today,” Athena Campos, head of market development at CASE Construction Equipment and a member of the CNH Industrial Foundation Board, said in a welcoming statement Tuesday. “There were about 10 CNH employees here this morning, it looks like about another 10 or 11 showed up this afternoon in the exhausting heat. It’s great.”

Racine Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Grant Buenger and Athena Campos, head of CASE Equipment market development, welcomed volunteers to the first annual Women Build Tuesday afternoon.

One of the core pillars of the CNH Industrial Foundation is civic and community empowerment, which includes the development of affordable housing, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion in communities.

“So clearly this is a perfect fit for our foundation goals,” Campos said.

Additionally, the CASE Construction Equipment brand aims to build and rebuild communities, “exactly what we’re doing here today,” he said.

Becoming comfortable in the workplace

Racine Habitat for Humanity has been building homes in Racine since 1988. It helps homeowners build their homes alongside staff and volunteers and then buy the home at an affordable price. mortgage.

Most of the regular Habitat volunteers and volunteers for other projects are men, but nearly half of the Habitat recipients who buy homes eventually are single mothers or single women.

“I wanted to provide an opportunity to engage with more women in the community, or make them more comfortable in the workplace,” said Racine Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Grant Buenger, explaining why she started a Women Build . “This is a cool opportunity for women in the community to come together to support some of our female homeowners.”


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