Photonix Multi-Tool combines three power saws in a modular system

A typical handyman may end up buying a reciprocating saw, a circular saw and a small electric chainsaw. The Photonix Multi-Tool is designed to make things simple and save money, with a modular system that combines all three devices.

The entire installation is centered around a base unit that integrates the motor, trigger, non-slip grip and removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It also has an LED light to help illuminate the task at hand, as well as a safety lock to prevent it from being accidentally activated.

There are also three saw attachments, each of which is simply placed on and off the side of the base, where it engages the motor. These include an 8 inch (203 mm) chainsaw for cutting branches or reaching tight spots; a circular saw that can cut wood, concrete, metal or plastic (depending on the type of blade chosen); and a reciprocating saw for cutting through materials like drywall, fiberglass, wood and stucco.

The Photonix Multi-Tool chainsaw and reciprocating saw in action

Photonix multi-tool

There is currently no word on battery life, which presumably varies depending on the saw used.

Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing a Photonix Multi-Tool, it is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming it hits production, a pledge of $ 420 will get you a complete system that includes the base unit, three saws, and two batteries.

This is demonstrated in the following video.

Photonix products: Ecological landscaping technology

Sources: Kickstarter, Photonix Multi-Tool

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