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Eyewitness saw Sarah Everard kidnapped by Wayne Couzens, court hears

A couple traveling by car witnessed the kidnapping of Sarah Everard, according to the court.

The passenger in the vehicle saw a man and a woman standing on the sidewalk and looked at the handcuffed woman, prosecutor Tom Little told court.

“Sarah Everard was compliant, her head down and didn’t seem to be arguing,” he adds.

Mr Little said the passenger believed she saw an undercover police officer arrest a woman who she said “must have done something wrong”.

She pointed out to her husband that she had seen “a woman being handcuffed”, according to the court.

“They were actually witnesses to the kidnapping of Sarah Everard,” Mr. Little said.

“She was detained by fraud. The accused used her warrant card and handcuffs as well as other equipment provided by the police to make a false arrest.

“Having handcuffed her in the back, she could not have undone the seat belt the accused must have put on her.

“This was the start of his long ordeal, including an 80-mile journey during his detention which was to first lead to his rape and then to his murder.”

An image of a bus camera is shown in Couzens court with his arm outstretched towards Everard as he allegedly showed him his warrant card.

Separate dashcam footage shows them standing next to the white Vauxhall car rented by Couzens with its flashing hazard lights.

Couzens watched his feet on the platform throughout the hearing.


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