Idaho Firefighters Send Big Thank You To Professional Drivers For Helping At Crash Scene


A northern Idaho fire department is attracting nationwide attention for showcasing the patience and professionalism of a group of log truck drivers following an accident on Monday morning.

It all started with an early morning collision between two vehicles on September 13 on Highway 12 at kilometer 54 near Kamiah, Idaho.

The accident took two hours to clear and left a long line of log trucks on the highway.

Kamiah Fire-Rescue shared a heartfelt post on Facebook highlighting the myriad ways truckers have come to the rescue.

The firefighters wrote:

We also wanted to share something from that crash this morning that was very cool and we want to recognize them.

Truck drivers are often the first at the scene of many accidents. And yes, sometimes they are “in” the accident.

But today they used a fire extinguisher before we arrived to alleviate a situation, they helped remove the patient (we don’t recommend it for every accident), they helped block the rest of the traffic and they got us helped run small passenger vehicles once we have a lane open.

But when was the last time someone saw something like this?

Logging trucks stacked up when it was time to leave.

Please leave room for them on the road, don’t rush past them as they might be the person to help you a minute later.

So thank you to the men and women who operate the “big rigs” in Idaho.

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Kamiah Fire-Rescue also shared a video of truck drivers passing by after patiently waiting for the crash to clear up.

The video has been viewed more than 94,000 times since Monday.


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