Heroism shines in Chongqing’s fight against wildfires

A helicopter drops water on a mountain forest fire in Chongqing, August 24. [Photo/Xinhua]

Chongqing, a city in Southwest China, is battling wildfires caused by the intense heat of the past few days. Faced with the raging fire, people from all walks of life willingly joined forces to put out the flames together, showing extraordinary heroism. Here are some of the most memorable moments in the city’s fight against fire.

The mountain road illuminated by headlights

On Thursday night, as firefighters battled the blazes in the Jinyun Mountains of the city’s Beibei district, a spectacular sight captured the hearts of many people – a stream of headlights worn by flames and rescuers beaming in the dark mountain paths, showing a great light. comparison to the red fire raging on the mountain.

The mountain road lighting has been described by netizens as a “Fifighting Great Wall” built by people.

A motorcyclist delivers supplies to a nearby firefighting area in Beibei district, Chongqing, on August 23, 2022. [Photo/Xinhua]

Motorcyclists send much-needed supplies into the mountains

Long Jie, a man in his early 20s, is one of the members of a “motorcycle army” that rushes back and forth to the mountains, bringing much-needed supplies to the frontline of firefighting.

Long joined the volunteer group on August 22 after the fire broke out. In a video clip circulating online, an exhausted Long is seen pouring water over his head to stay awake. According to the video, Long was carrying materials weighing dozens of kilograms up and down unpaved mountain trails for two days.

“We’re not going to back down until we get the fire out,” Long said.

Francis Stonier (right) is ready to join volunteers in fighting fires on Tuesday in Chongqing. [Photo provided to CHINA DAILY]

The foreign teacher provides assistance when a second country is in need

As wildfires ravaged parts of Chongqing, local governments issued a call for volunteers with certain skills.

After learning the news, Francis Stonier, a 42-year-old American teacher at the city’s Southwest University, immediately answered the call. His job was to use chain saws to cut wood to create fire barriers on the mountain.

“I’m happy to help,” Stonier said.

He arrived in Chongqing in 2017, and now he views Chongqing as his second home.

“Both my wife and children live in this city. It is my duty to do my part to take care of our home,” Stonier said.

Farewell to fire fighting heroes

Thanks to the joint efforts of fire and rescue workers, as well as volunteers and residents, heat-related fires in the city were brought under control on Friday.

After the mountain wildfires were extinguished, a team of firefighters from Yunnan province, who had come to help the city fight the blaze, were traveling back home on Friday.

On their way back, the servicemen were shocked by the warmth of the local residents.

In a video clip, people were seen evacuating firefighters lining the streets. Some displayed banners with words of thanks to the firefighters, some beat drums and gongs, and some threw bottled water, eggs and local specialties at the fire trucks. firefighters.

A firefighter salutes residents who see him on Friday. [Photo/Xinhua]

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