From the Met Gala to the Custom Engagement Ring, Evangeline AdaLioryn Jewelry is on the Move


The wax mold for that band was gently carved into the shape of AdaLioryn’s home studio in Hollywood, where she cut out her creations using a variety of dental equipment, jigsaws, and X-Acto knives. He often worked at night with a single candle burning on a wooden table furnished with antique bronze sculptures and a book of poetry by the American writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (who wrote an epic, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie, that shares her name), and always while wearing heels: Recently, it was a pair of calfskin pumps from Balenciaga.

“We’re talking birthing luxury in the world,” she quips. “You have to start at that point of feeling luxurious!” From there, she also plans to release her first collection of yellow-gold pieces spotted with Ceylon-blue sapphires, deep-red garnets, and pink tourmaline that she describes as “mermaid candy.” A fan of the Studio Ghibli films, AdaLioryn said her latest series reminds her of being the villain in the 2001 animated feature Spirited Away, Yubaba, a sorcerer whose feeling of faded glamor is only matched by his greed, and wrinkled fingers explode in stacks of large gems.

Photo: Courtesy of Evangeline AdaLioryn

More often, however, AdaLioryn works on commission from friends and a select list of well-known clients, with whom she works closely, often emphasizing the gold of thoughts and prayers. “I ask people for their intentions. I ask what energy they’re trying to bring into their lives, and I really reflect on it,” he said. “And honestly, their rings also come to me in dreams.” She recently completed an inset ring with a rectangular rubellite for actor Bobbi Salvör Menuez to gift to their partner, artist Quori Theodor, to toast their engagement. Before it was sent, AdaLioryn ran the band through the flames burning from the candle on her desk, a last testament to its lasting power and immortal beauty. “It’s like magic,” AdaLioryn said. “Creating a golden mixture to wrap around a person’s finger, and just to protect them, to guide them, to love them at any stage of their life, and to pass on. [It’s a] sacred spell because, one day, it will overtake us. “


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