Fall Arts | 15 new artistic and cultural spaces in Seattle

Last, but not least, in terms of art and square footage, is the capacity of $ 1.15 billion and over 17,000 people Climate engagement arena, which is slated to reopen in November after a multi-year redevelopment (which kept the iconic roof in place). Although fans flock to the Seattle Center may especially have their eyes on the Kraken, Seattle Storm stars or touring musicians on stage, they will encounter a lot of art nouveau as they exit and enter the building, in the form of murals in the exit tunnels and a set of seven public artworks by notable Pacific Northwest artists surrounding the arena.

At the eastern entrance, visitors will be greeted by Gerard Tsutakawa’s “SeaWave,” a 7-foot-high bronze wheel that represents the movement of the waves. Preston Singletary and David Franklin are working on a playful stained glass sculpture titled “The Diab Pish”, or The Pacific Giant Octopus, which will change color with light and sun.

Longtime Seattle sculptor Norie Sato is preparing a 13-foot abstract mosaic (inspired by Paul Horiuchi’s 1962 “Seattle Mural” at the Mural Amphitheater), which will be installed on the south wall. From the heart of a dark purple sky, a multicolored explosion stretches out to the edges of the mural, evoking, as Sato puts it, “the idea of ​​moving bodies, the energy of sport, the beauty of life. attraction and movement within a city. “

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