Education, Cost and Behavior Change: The Going Green Essentials

Since 1993, Dudley’s Aluminum has offered clients full in-house design and production facilities and completed numerous successful and prestigious projects within the education, health, commercial, retail and defense sectors. across the UK and Channel Islands.

Based in Cardiff, the company is a leading Welsh aluminum fabric manufacturer and installer of curtain walls, windows, doors, and other specialized products, and is also a member of Manufacturing Wales.

Business News Wales chat with Dudley’s Aluminum Technical Director, Gary Smythe about the importance of being green.

Gary emphasized its importance and said:

“Our approach to being greener, up to the present time, has been pretty limited. We monitor and control our waste and optimize recycling materials. We’re lucky that our business takes advantage of aluminum extrusion and glass, so ‘ t those can be recycled. “

Gary said Dudley’s approach to green-ness is “more unintentional than direct involvement.”

In recent years, Dudley’s Aluminum has been significantly developed and expanded to provide a complete design, manufacture, and installation service for the building envelope.

Working closely with architects and contractors, this general service includes project analysis, structural assessments, design proposals, provision of samples and extended warranties to ensure the facade meets the required aesthetics. , cost, program and performance requirements.

Dudley’s Aluminum has a range of experience in the education, health, commercial, retail and defense sectors with projects undertaken up to £ 7 million.

They have successfully completed prestigious curtain walls and facade projects in all the aforementioned sectors, including the new Central Square development in Cardiff which houses the new BBC headquarters and new HMRC headquarters among others. . We work from project concept to completion, with a primary emphasis placed on customer satisfaction.

The company said they are looking to grow and are keen to look at other avenues to improve the business going forward, with the possibility of branching into other areas and using PassivHaus requirements that will become more prevalent, including the other exciting ideas.

In recent years, Dudley’s Aluminum has invested in a new storage equipment in their premises to optimize their factory floor plan as well as improve efficiency and capability. Beside this they also invested in machinery, along with additional CNC machines and saws, to improve productivity.

Gary also emphasized their desire to invest and attract new talent:

We are keen to attract new blood to the business through study and trainee positions. We want to make sure we continue to grow and improve, and building the right staff will be key.

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