Dirt with Presidents in the Miami FL, Fort Lauderdale area

Two other President Supermarkets, the sixth and seventh since June 10, failed their most recent state inspection

Two other President Supermarkets, the sixth and seventh since June 10, failed their most recent state inspection

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The summer of contamination of President Supermarkets continued last week as two more stores failed Florida Department of Agriculture inspections, the sixth and seventh President stores to fail state inspection since June 10.

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While this poor food safety run hasn’t been done yet – it’s hard to beat the rats running and chewing five Florida Family Dollar stores in failed inspections, two of which closed in 2019 – but it’s rare for a major supermarket chain in the region.

Unlike state Department of Business and Professional Regulation restaurant inspections, Florida Department of Agriculture failed inspections of supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, retail bakery, food storage and distribution facilities of food does not result in closures.

The inspector may, however, place Stop Use Orders on the equipment or areas of the store or equipment. Sometimes, when certain store areas are under Stop Use Orders, the business decides that opening is not worth the time or effort until the Stop Use Orders are removed.

President Supermarket, 18350 NW Seventh Ave., Miami Gardens

President Supermarket in east Miami Gardens
This President, at 18350 NW Seventh Ave., became the sixth failed inspection in Miami-Dade or Broward since June. DAVID J. NEAL [email protected]

When Inspector Simeon Carrero passed by on July 11, he saw “some fruit flies” in the harvest department around onions and malanga root.

The deli area has “several” packages of meat that are open longer than seven days. In the cafe area, the meat and spinach patties that the hot holding unit needs to keep at 135 degrees or up measure 110 to 122 degrees. The ham and cheese croissant that the cold holding unit needs to keep at 41 degrees or less measures 52 to 54 degrees.

All of the above, rubbish.

In the meat, seafood, and products departments, and coolers and freezers in the back of the room, the inspector saw “doors, floors and walls with soil forming” and “holes in the walls, cracks in the floor and broken cooler frame. “

The meat tenderizer in the meat department cutting room has “old food particles” that have been there for longer than 24 hours.

President Supermarket, 1035 NW Ninth Ave., Fort Lauderdale

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When Inspector Leni Zunino inspected this store on July 13, he learned that you can’t trust the meat dates in the deli department. Zunino saw “deli meat that opened on July 11, 2022 with the label opened on July 13, 2022 as well as the deli meat missing date marking.”

So, who knows how old that meat is?

Also, in the deli department, Inspector Zunino found a can of condensed milk ready to use in food preparation with “a large dent in the body of the can as well as a sore end.” When cans have food and large dents, botulism can follow. That’s why they are discarded when inspectors see them.

Garbage is also filled with food that is maintained at temperatures that can make it ferries for food-borne sickness. Bean sprouts lost the retail area to a product display cooler and pico de gallo. The hot hold of the deli department – warm hold? – not keeping mondongo, fish, chicken wings and chicken food safe.

In the meat department, it took more than four hours without cleaning the slicer and meat saw on the front and back. Same for the deli slicer in the deli department. In the seafood department, there was a “gathering of ground in meat jigsaws.”

Hand washing doesn’t matter to this President or it’s not a big deal. The production department’s hand washing sink was “blocked by cleaning equipment.” In the meat department, it’s a “big trash can” that makes blocking. Hand -washing sinks have to be like parking lots and yards around the Orange Bowl back in the day or Marlins Park today – nothing obstructing.

In the seafood department and meat department backroom and service area, hand washing sinks have no way to dry your hands, either with a blower or a towel.

Too many problems went through the deli department, where Inspector Zunino saw a box with raw pork thawed at room temperature. He saw the raw meats thawed at room temperature in the meat department.

Still in the deli department, “cups used as scoops inside containers with flour and rice” (which often leads to holding hands with whatever you scoop – no good) and “debris in a spoon size used at the coffee station. “


The re -inspection will be next week around July 27th.

This story was originally published July 20, 2022 6:00 AM.

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