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Table saws can be used for a wide variety of professional tasks and DIY projects. Although they are commonly used for cutting wood, most table saws can also be used for a variety of other materials, such as tile and plastic. No matter what you are sawing, be sure to use a blade designed for that particular material.

What to consider

When shopping for table saws, there are a few things you need to think about.

Model type

The two broad categories of table saws — portable and stationary — are based on ease (or not) of transport. There are other subcategories within each of these two groups.

  • Portable: Benchtop, compact and worksite
  • Stationary: Firm, hybrid, entrepreneur

Sometimes retailers use the job site and contractor labels interchangeably, so be sure to read the specifications carefully to ensure that this particular saw is the type you want and will meet your needs.

Buying a table saw is a situation where bigger doesn’t always mean better; if you go too far you will get a more substantial machine than you need. A high-end cabinet saw is a major investment. They are expensive and also very heavy. These are meant for serious professionals – a casual DIYer wouldn’t need this kind of power, and probably wouldn’t have the space (or budget) to accommodate it.

Blade size

The most common table saw blade size is 10 inches. A larger blade generally won’t make as precise a cut as a smaller blade, but the larger option is able to cut through thicker material.

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Tear capacity

“To tear” means to cut a plank of wood in the direction of the grain. Simply put, tear capacity refers to the distance between the edge of the blade and the edge of the saw guide. This determines the maximum width you can cut with this saw. The type of projects you plan to do will determine what minimum tear capacity is best for you. Larger ripping capacities usually come at a higher price, so choosing a saw with a higher ripping capacity than you actually need could end up costing you money unnecessarily.

Safety features are also an important consideration. Table saws can be potentially very dangerous and should be used with extreme caution. Any features that can help encourage safe operation or provide enhanced protection, such as blade barriers and auto-shutdown or immobilizer functions, are a big plus.

How we rated

In evaluating a wide range of table saws, I began by drawing on my own firsthand experience. I have been a part owner of a construction company for over 10 years and am also an avid handyman who has used a variety of table saws in varying styles and sizes. Personally, I tend to prefer more compact models which are easier to store and transport, but professionals who handle large jobs involving large pieces of wood or thick materials would likely need a larger model like a cabinet style.

We obtained details such as tear capacity and machine weight from manufacturers’ data sheets and retailer listings. We’ve also taken into account reviews submitted by hundreds of Amazon and Home Depot customers, as well as reviews posted on manufacturers’ websites.

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Ideal for versatile use

DeWalt DWE7491RS


$ 599.00

Key specs
Model type: Site
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 32.5 inch

This table saw delivers the durable quality you expect from DeWalt combined with the convenience of features like telescoping fence rails that retract for easier portability. The built-in storage system makes it easy to keep all your accessories close at hand, but organized and out of the way. At 90 pounds, this table saw isn’t lightweight, but it’s designed to fold up quickly for relatively easy transport.

  • High tear capacity
  • Integrated rolling stand with sturdy wheels
  • Limited compatible accessories

Best hybrid model

Ridgid R4520


$ 1,095.77

Key specs
Model type: Hybrid
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 30 inch

The fully enclosed fan-cooled 3.8 hp motor combined with the R4520’s 30-inch ripping capacity means you can easily do big jobs involving large pieces of wood. Register your machine to take advantage of a lifetime service contract that provides free pares and service. Some Home Depot reviews report an improperly positioned bolt that can misalign the clade.

  • High tear capacity
  • Dust collection port
  • The bolt in an awkward position can cause alignment issues

Best deal

Rockwell RK7323


$ 139.00

Key specs
Model type: Bench
Blade size: 4 inch
Tearing capacity: 6 inch

This table saw offers decent performance for small jobs at a modest price. It’s not meant for tough professional jobs, but at just 15 pounds it’s light enough that you can carry it anywhere or store it in your trunk. The tool-less blade change system means you can swap blades in seconds without reaching for your tool bag.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Not intended for tough jobs or thick wood

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts

Ryobi RTS22

Key specs
Model type: Compact
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 27 inch

This compact table saw is more than capable of handling a wide range of household projects and carpentry jobs. Weighing just over 50 pounds and with a built-in foldable stand, it’s also super portable. Some Amazon users have complained that the miter gauge does not meet standard dimensions.

  • Non-typical miter gauge dimensions

Excellent safety features

Bosch 4100XC-10

Key specs
Model type: Site
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 30 inch

This table saw offers both innovative convenience and enhanced safety protections. The Gravity-Rise Rolling Rack allows for one-action folding that allows you to store, transport and set up quickly and easily. The Smart Guard system includes several key safety features, including anti-kickback pawls and a guard assembly that provides a protective barrier that prevents accidental contact with the blade.

  • Integrated safety functions for additional protection
  • Powerful 4 HP motor
  • Bracket requires some assembly

Reliable performance for serious professionals

SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

Stopping the saw

$ 3,399.00

Key specs
Model type: Cabinet
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 36 inch

This SawStop model is for professionals who need to be able to get smooth, even cuts and want a heavy-duty table saw that can handle any job. The powerful machine offers valuable protection with an array of features, such as patented safety that immediately stops blade rotation when it senses skin contact. According to the manufacturer, the blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds.

  • Reliable performance even under heavy use
  • Smart security functions

Precision and strength

Delta 36-5000T2


$ 1,195.00

Key specs
Model type: Service provider
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 30 inch

This contractor table saw combines power and precision so you can tackle tough jobs with finesse and style. The rail and fence system is strategically designed to guide you through very precise cuts every time. Choose from steel or cast iron extension wings.

  • Features that promote precision
  • Built for longevity and durability
  • Tear capacity not as high as some other contractor models

Easy to carry

Competency TS6307-00

$ 368.01

$ 329.00 (11% off)

Key specs
Model type: Site
Blade size: 10 inch
Tearing capacity: 25.5 inch

This table saw is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals who need to travel from job site to job site frequently. It has a built-in folding stand with legs that fold up quickly so you can have it ready to move in minutes. The dust port elbow keeps damage to a minimum.

  • Folds up quickly
  • Anti-restart switch prevents accidental starts
  • Relatively low tear capacity

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