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Which scroll saw is the best?

Whether you’re trying to develop a new skill or looking to invest in more tools to enhance your creative endeavor, scroll saws are a great addition to your home workshop. Their easy cutting of wood and other materials allows you to create fascinating works of art. There are low-powered models for beginners and expensive and efficient models for professionals.

The best scroll saw is the Jet JWSS-18B scroll saw. It has built-in blade storage and a dust port for easy dust management.

What to know before buying a scroll saw

How it works

Coping saws hold a short blade between an upper and lower arm that moves up and down at high speed. The user then slowly pushes their material against the blade to cut out the chosen shape.

Types of arms

Coping saws use one of three types of arms: parallel, parallel link and C.

  • Parallel weapons are the most common. They hold the blades nearly vertical and stop moving if the blade breaks.
  • parallel link weapons are better but more expensive. They produce low vibration by converting horizontal motion into vertical motion.
  • VS arms are used in commercial scroll saws. They cut in a slight arc but are dangerous due to their tendency to continue working even if the blade breaks.


There are two elements of capacity: throat depth and cut thickness.

  • Throat depth is the length between the blade and the back of the saw frame. Most have depths of 14 to 18 inches, but higher end saws can have depths up to 30 inches.
  • Cutting thickness is seldom different than about 2 inches.

What to Look for in a Quality Scroll Saw


Speed ​​is measured in strokes per minute. Today’s scroll saws have variable speeds that allow you to cut at your own pace or more easily slice through any material. The average range of speeds available is between 400 and 1,600 SPM, with the best saws allowing you to take advantage of the full range.


Being able to clearly see what you are sawing is less about precision and more about safety. The best saws include work lights aimed directly at the saw. Others may include separate lights that you can position freely.

Hands-free control

If you spend long hours at the scroll saw, you can increase your efficiency by using a foot pedal. These allow you to turn the saw off and on again and adjust the speed. Some saws include them, but most must be purchased separately.

How much you can expect to spend on a scroll saw

Scroll saws can cost anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars. Entry-level options typically cost $250 or less, while professional models start between $500 and $1,000. You can find many excellent models for $250 to $500.

Scroll Saw FAQ

What is blade tension and why is it important?

A. The blade tension should be set just right to cut the wood efficiently without damaging the blade, the wood, and anything in the path of the blade. It is set by adjusting the blade tension knob. A blade that is too loose will bend when you attempt to cut, causing a high risk of breakage. A blade that is too tight can usually cut as intended, but the high stress will also cause a high risk of breakage. Blade tension should be adjusted the longer you use a blade, as it will stretch with use. With practice, you will be able to set the blade tension correctly, quickly and easily.

Can I cut more than wood with a scroll saw?

A. if you have the right blade you can cut many other materials. Softer metals such as bronze, aluminum and brass can be cut, but not harder metals such as steel and iron. You can also cut plastic and rubber, and even bone.

Where can I find patterns to cut with my scroll saw?

A. In all sorts of places, from books to the Internet. Websites focused on scroll saws are a great option for finding patterns and connecting and learning from experienced scroll saw users.

What is the best scroll saw to buy?

Superior scroll saw

JWSS-18B Jet Scroll Saw

What do you want to know: This has enough power for a professional without being too much for a beginner to handle.

What you will love: The arm can tilt 45 degrees left and right, and it has an 18-inch throat depth. It has a removable dust port and includes an integrated dust blower for simple dust management. It also has adjustable leveling feet and can be connected to an optional foot switch.

What you should consider: It is among the most expensive saws. A few consumers were unhappy with the amount of vibration caused by the motor.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top scroll saw for the money

Wen 3921 scroll saw

Wen 3921 scroll saw

What do you want to know: It is a perfect starter saw. It has variable speed control that can be set between 400 and 1,600 strokes per minute and has a throat depth of 16 inches.

What you will love: Thanks to the saw’s knurled screw blade adapter, you can change blades without tools. It has a cast iron base, dust port, built-in storage and a work light.

What you should consider: Professionals need more power and precision than this saw offers. A few consumers have had issues with the working lights starting to flicker.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Scroll saw DeWalt DW788

Scroll saw DeWalt DW788

What do you want to know: It’s a good mid-range saw for a more affordable price.

What you will love: Blade tension is easily adjustable and blades are simple to swap. It operates smoothly and with little noise, and consumers have found the controls easy to understand. You can buy it in bundles with a stand, a light, or both.

What you should consider: A few consumers have had issues with the alignment of the blades getting off center. Others had issues with too much vibration at faster speeds.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

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