Best electric saws in 2021

Electric saws faqs

What type of electric saw do i need?

Circular saw: These compact workhorses are probably the most well-known type of power saw. They are designed for cross cuts (across a board) and rip cuts (along the entire length of the board). Their small size and relatively light weight make them comfortable to use, and they take up less space than larger miter saws or chop saws. Like most power tools, they are available in corded and battery powered models.

Reciprocating saw: Also called saws, reciprocating saws are most often used for demolition. In addition to lumber, they can also cut drywall, nails and metal. Their narrow design allows you to conserve a lot of leverage and maneuver them in narrower areas than with other power saws. Most can accept a variety of blades, allowing you to customize them to suit your project and material.

Saw bench: Unlike other saw blades that drop, table saw blades straighten up and require you to slide wood into them to make your cuts. They can range in size from huge stationary models to smaller versions that can fit in the corner of your garage or tool shed. Some, like the DeWalt DWE7491RS, are portable enough to be easily transported and maneuvered around a job site. These saws are essential for making long longitudinal cuts.

Jigsaw: These small hand saws have a reciprocating blade and are designed for maximum maneuverability, making them ideal for straight lines and curved cuts. Their small blades also make them well suited for cutting circles by drilling a small starting hole and working from there. They come in cordless and battery-powered options and can be used to cut sheet metal as well as wood.

Miter saw : Essentially a circular saw mounted on an arm, miter saws allow you to rotate the blade side to side and tilt it left to right. You can easily create angular cuts – tabs – for moldings or door frames. A “jigsaw” is essentially a miter saw without the ability to tilt the blade and is only designed for 90 degree cuts.

How to use an electric saw safely?

Power saws are extremely dangerous machines and can cause serious injury or death if not followed. One of the most dangerous scenarios I’ve seen is where people don’t turn off their saws before unplugging them from the wall. With the power switch still in the “on” position, the next time the machine is plugged in, it can easily turn on by accident.

It might sound like common sense, but you generally shouldn’t wear work gloves when using a power saw. Their loose fabric can reduce your sense of touch and also get stuck in the blade. It is also very important to use sharp blades suitable for the task at hand. Dull blades can stall or cause dangerous kickback.

Be sure to read the instruction and safety manual for the saw you are purchasing and take the time to learn how to use it properly. If you want more information, there are countless videos and tutorials online to guide you through the safe use of almost any saw.

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