2 people shot dead with Airsoft gun in Westfield over weekend: police

WESTFIELD, NJ – Two people were shot with an airsoft gun or BB gun Saturday in Westfield, police say.

Both victims told police the assault happened in the Elm Street and Orchard Street area on Saturday around 5 p.m., according to the latest Westfield Police blotter.

Police said two unidentified men in a small black four-door sedan shot them with “unknown projectiles” from an airsoft gun or BB gun. The victims told police they saw a white and orange airsoft gun or BB gun, which was used to fire the unknown projectiles.

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One victim was hit in the lower legs, while the other victim was hit in the left arm. Police said no injuries or marks were reported at the time of the incident.

According to police, the suspect vehicle traveled north and fled the area after the incident.

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Similar incidents have occurred in recent months.

Two people said they were hit in an April pellet shooting in the East Broad Street and Elmer Street area.

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At the time, Michael Walsh of the Westfield Police Department said the weapons were described in the report as “firearms”. Splat guns usually contain beads of fresh water gel which can cause small pellets to explode.

In related news, a TikTok trend — dubbed the “Orbeez Challenge” — has been circulating nationwide for the past few months. The trend encourages people to fire Orbeez pellets at other people with a gel gun or other toy gun.

Another incident occurred at Westfield in late March when a woman was shot with plastic pellets from an airsoft gun. The suspects arrived next to her and fired several pellets at her, according to Westfield police.

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