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the Pokémon Ranger sport trilogy will not be as well-known to most Pokemon followers like the primary video games, however these spinoffs supply many thrilling new locations to discover. In the latest Pokémon Ranger Thu, Guardian indicators, gamers journey to the islands of the Oblivia area on an epic journey one-of-a-kind within the franchise.

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Earlier than Alola introduced an island paradise to the primary video games, Oblivia supplied gamers an archipelago of mysteries to discover, together with a secret society of villains, time journey, and an encounter with the divine Arceus. Past these mind-blowing moments, nonetheless, the Isles of Oblivia maintain many secrets and techniques that followers of the sport could not even know.

ten It is rather sparsely populated by people

A Pokémon ranger, Booker and several Pokémon in a grassy area

Whereas many components of the Pokemon world have no less than one sprawling metropolis full of individuals, Oblivia is notably missing in main cities. In actual fact, the area has only a few settlements, with the participant solely accessing three areas of the archipelago populated by people.

These few settlements are themselves sparsely populated, the most important being Cocona Village on Renbow Island, dwelling to lower than 20 residents. the Pokémon Ranger video games have at all times been targeted on the connection between man and nature, however Guardian indicators takes that the furthest with a setting that has much more Pokémon than individuals.

9 Its Ranger system is exclusive

Ben the ranger Pokémon pumping his fist

The 2 earlier matches of the Pokémon Ranger franchise are notable for presenting two areas with a powerful presence of rangers: Fiore and Almia. In actual fact, Almia is notable for being the bottom of the Union of Rangers and a spot of nice significance to the historical past of the ranger occupation, though many followers are unaware of it.

In Oblivia, nonetheless, there isn’t a in depth Pokémon ranger system, as a substitute the islands are all guarded by a single space ranger tasked with taking care of them. Rand is the zone ranger in the course of the sport, and his presence in Guardian indicators means that the realm is usually so peaceable that just one ranger is required.

8 Some components are affected by everlasting storms

Serena gets rained down by a small rain cloud

As is regular for the course within the Pokemon Frankly, some areas of the Oblivia area nonetheless expertise the identical climate circumstances, two areas being distinguished by their wet climate. First, the canal ruins on Sophian Island are nonetheless within the rain because of the affect of a Suicune within the space.

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Secondly, the entire of Layuda Island is experiencing a extreme thunderstorm, probably on account of the truth that in the course of the sport a Zapdos settles on the island. Layuda can also be notable for being the one island gamers can’t fly to, on account of storms overhead.

7 It is in all probability based mostly on the Oki Islands

A map of the Oblivia region

As in most components of the Pokemon world, Oblivia might be impressed by a real-world location. Usually, it’s believed that the area of Oblivia is impressed by the Oki Islands, an archipelago situated in Japan. The overall structure and form of the Oblivia area is similar to that of the Oki Islands, on the one hand.

Additionally, whereas the Pokemon Over time the franchise has turned to worldwide inspirations, a lot of its areas are based mostly on Japanese websites, making the Oki Islands a probable candidate. When the collection returned to island areas years later with Alola, it drew inspiration from one other archipelago: Hawaii.

6 It is full of Phione


Regardless of being from the legendary Pokémon Manaphy, Phione’s standing has been the topic of debate amongst followers. Whereas Guardian indicators does not verify whether or not Phione is without doubt one of the franchise’s many Legendary Pokémon or only a uncommon creature, it does present proof that the latter choice is true.

Within the Oblivia area, Phione are apparently fairly widespread in some areas, as gamers can discover them within the underwater ruins of Sophian Island. This element provides an attention-grabbing perception into the idea of Pokémon rarity in numerous areas, in addition to what qualifies a Pokémon to be Mythic or Legendary.

5 Nick’s Bridge has a protracted title

Two side-by-side images of Ash with a surprised face and Latolato Trail

An apprentice carpenter working below Booker, Nick is a personality gamers encounter early within the story of Guardian indicators, however its most unusual and humorous influence on the area involves mild a little bit later. On the Renbow Island Latolato Path, a bridge constructed by Nick crosses over a river.

One of many sport’s quests noticed Renbow Islanders Ralph and Nema divulge to the participant that they’ve given the bridge a humourously lengthy title. The bridge known as, “Over the creek within the inexperienced forest, the splendidly designed crack-free purple and white striped Raikou Protected world well-known for connecting Yesterday and Tomorrow and the Proudly Constructed by Nick Bridge.”

4 Aqua Resort has a reference to Almia

Pokemon anime grandma Lacy smiling

Aqua Resort, Sophian Island’s aquatic retirement group, is a peaceable place with many pleasant residents to speak to. This features a girl who many declare is the grandmother of the participant character within the earlier one. Pokémon Ranger Title, Shadows of Almia.

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Particularly, the girl tells the Guardian indicators protagonist that his grandson works on the associate farm in Almia. The associate farm can also be managed by the participant character’s household in Shadows of Almia, suggesting that this Aqua Resort resident might be associated to the protagonist of this sport.

3 It’s named for oblivion and oblivion

Psyduck surrounded by question marks

The title “Oblivia” comes from one or each of the English phrases “oblivion” and “oblivion”, each of which counsel oblivion, ignorance and a normal lack of expertise. It seems that this title is related to the story of Guardian indicators, as a result of the inhabitants of Oblivia had been victims of a secret society.

Pokémon poachers referred to as Pokémon Pinchers function in Oblivia, however later within the sport gamers discover out that the Pinchers are managed by the mysterious Societea. The individuals of Oblivia are oblivious to Societea’s misdeeds, and the presence of ruins throughout the islands suggests the forgotten nature of the islands’ historic temples.

2 It’s south of Fiore and Almia

Side-by-side maps of Fiore and Almia regions

Typically, Pokemon the video games and their related media gave little details about every area’s place relative to the others, particularly spinoff areas like Oblivia. Custom in Guardian indicators, nonetheless, confirms that Oblivia is situated south of Fiore and Almia.

These areas of the primary two Pokémon Ranger the video games are linked to one another and to Oblivia by way of the custom of the three video games, so it is sensible that they’re shut. An entire map of Pokemon The world may not be within the playing cards for followers of the franchise, however that little element is no less than a clue to the structure.

1 Islands are named for musical notes

Pokemon Meloetta

As with most different areas within the franchise, Oblivia has a particular manner of naming its places, though as a result of it has few colonies, its islands observe a naming sample. The seven islands of Oblivia are all named after musical notes, particularly the solfeggio notes: do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti.

These notes represent the primary two letters of the names of every of the islands, from Dolce and Renbow to Layuda and Tilikule. This musical motif doesn’t lengthen to some other a part of the gameplay or the story, however the naming system continues to be distinctive and charming, in addition to a great way to recollect the names of the islands.

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